Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hugo's Design - Xyx Body and Xyx Corset

Two new (and closely related) outfits from Hugo tonight, the Xyx Body (in yellow, worn by me) and the Xyx Corset (in green, worn by lelo).

It seems the recent survey made quite an impact at Hugo’s Design : green and yellow are new colors for him - remember, you saw it here first!

This is on top of his regular line, plus the recent addition of blue, so these two outfits are available in a stunning nine different colors.

Not enough innovation for you? How about a cool domino mask in matching highlights? V2 tattoo layer so you keep your face, a non negligible bonus :)

The outfits have the lovely straps that are part of the distinctive Hugo style, along with a good variety of options.

The body comes in open or closed top, with collar or without, and with a cool bellybutton porthole.

So if your inventory collapses under its own weight, blame Hugo’s. That’s what I’m going to do... any day now, I assume ;)

Well i’m not sure what kind of drugs Erik is using, but i hope he has boxes full of it, he’s pushing out new designs like they are going out of fashion.

Though when i unpacked the nice little HD bag i got a scare, just 3 items in it.. turned out the lag monster had me in his grip, 10 minutes later i had the full 28 items.

Next to all the items, layers and tattoo outfits there was a nice new little item in the box, a tattoo layer mask.

You might know that Mistress is very fond of masks and this one is really her style, so if anything gets her using a V2 viewer this will.

Now go get your favorite color and start mixing, ohh and with Eriks own special design you can mix and match all his costumes, that should keep you busy for a while. *winks*

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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