Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sintimacy - Freebies : Let It Rock and Motorcycle Booty

Lelo reminded me we hadn’t had a peek in Sintimacy for quite a while, so we nipped over and I immediately remembered the cool, wide open store.

The new outfits, right in the middle, look good and are quite inexpensive - especially the discount of the week.

As I’ve said before, Sintimacy isn’t the usual fetishwear we review, but the outfits look good, so I’m arbitrarily calling them spandex and giving them a pass ;)

I’m wearing Let It Rock, which has cool net-looking undershirt and panties, and a choice of black or red top and pants.

Subtle patterns under the colors will have people zooming in on you for all the wrong reasons.

If you want good-looking, inexpensive club wear, visit Sintimacy, and tell Istephanija that Deirdre and lelo sent you. No, really... one day I want a designer to tell me “Hey! 400 of your friends said hi.”

Ok quick quiz: what’s better than designer clothes? yep, free designer clothes and Istephanija has some great looking freebies in her store.

The motorcycle booty i’m wearing is a simple two part outfit, nice flared pants and a good looking top with great fishnet details.

The Let it rock, Mistress is wearing, comes with one of the brightest facelights i’ve seen yet and a good looking lip ring, if you are into that, i rather keep my rings in private places. *winks*

We won’t tell you were the vendors are so you’ll spend some time in her store, the least you can do for a freebie and maybe you’ll find something you’ll like, her prices are quite cheap and her designs very good and distinctively her own.

One of these days well have to do a best freebie outfit in SL, but till that time you just have to use our freebie tag.

Name : Sintimacy
Owner : Istephanija Munro


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