Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Danish Design - Nurse Dress

We dropped by Danish Design and saw Pip dialing our number.. seriously, she was just about to call us to show us her cool new Nurse Dress.

This is a complete outfit except for shoes. Feel free to complement with your favorites : lelo’s pink VvB shoes might turn heads in an OR, but they’ll just help in any “best nurse” contest ;)

The accessories really make this outfit. I love the stethoscope, but some of the others are a little.. ominous.

The textures are also very good. White is hard to shoot for us, usually - I was expecting lelo to vanish like a white cat in a blizzard, but the white pic turned out fine.

So drop by Danish Design’s lovely, classy store and see the cool outfits Pip made for you.. and go win a few contests ;)

If this is how the nurses in Denmark dress, i’m going to move there and fake being very sick...

But seriously this outfit comes packed with all kinds of goodies, you get the mandatory stethoscope, a syringe, injection gun, a nurses cap and a very good looking mouth mask, in short everything you need for hours of RPing fun.

The uniform itself comes in two versions, one open en one closed shirt version, Pip did add a couple of pasties for that little bit of modesty.

As all good designers these days she added all available layers to the clothing and a simple if efficient skirt prim.

The DD Nurse Dress is available in the colors you see here : pink, black, red and white.

Choose your color and get yourself a uniform, stat... SL isn't feeling so good and can use some TLC ;)

Name : Danish Design
Owner : Pip1 Boa


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