Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vengeful Threads - Witching Hour

We’re starting Hallowe’en early with a cool dark evil queen of the night outfit - or, if you’re a goth, I suppose this is like a t-shirt and jeans ;)

This was a Fetish Consolidated find.. we look at the ads and bring you the stuff we love best - sort of reverse spam!

Witching Hour is a versatile outfit. In the front pose here, you see me wearing it without the shoulder pieces, and wearing them in the rear shot.

There’s a fair bit of black on black going there, but that’s the look. I like the lace front top, but there’s a bare chest version if you want to entice the vampire boys.

This is a complete outfit except for shoes. Good black heels aren’t too rare in SL so that shouldn’t be a big problem.

We were greeted by a really friendly sales person, a plus I’m really starting to appreciate in big stores. Lelo was right again ;)

Don’t worry Mistress hasn’t stepped over to the undead side, she just can’t resist a nice long robe, among other things. *smiles*

The dress has a very nice asymmetrical design showing off your right leg in a big way.

The feather like ends of both the dress and cape with its grey highlights give it extra life.

So if you want to become a full time vampire or are just looking for a good Hallowe’en costume, Vengeful Threads is the place to be.

Name : Vengeful Threads
Owner : Vixn Dagger


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