Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CorinS Fashion - Zuri and Lita

A pair of lovely new outfits from Corin’s Fashion, I’m wearing the lovely fetish evening gown called Zuri, and lelo has the skimpy come-hither outfit called Lita.

Yeah, it wasn’t a long debate who was modeling which ;)

Zuri is made of semi-transparent veils that look really good - fetish formal, classy enough to wear for ballroom dancing.

The rear is cut low enough for a bit of rear cleavage.. that should help sway the judges.

Both dresses are available in black, pink, red and white.

Zuri is swahili for “beautiful”.. I don’t know if it means anything else in another language (“medium-sized rock” in Inuk?), but I’ll go along with that one.

Feels like we have another theme going this week, Domme vs. sub wear, i can assure you this is entirely unintentionally.

What’s there to say about Lita i’m wearing here, well not much honestly, there isn’t much of it. *winks*

Well that’s not entirely true, it just doesn’t cover up much, but you still get all the mix and match layers and the string is optional.

I love the long gloves and the stockings with the matching laces, those alone would be worth getting this outfit.

Pay special attention to the stretch marks where the laces are connected to the latex, only stretch marks i’ll allow on me in SL. *smiles*

Name : CorinS Fashion
Owner : Corin Serenity


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