Monday, November 28, 2011

Bax Coen Design - Booties

Fashion dares to go in directions that fetish doesn’t. Roles and costumes are pretty rigid in the BDSM and fetish world : A mistress dresses one way, a slave another. There is certainly some variety, but only so much.

Bax surprised us a bit with this new release, definitely going the fashion way : wedges, hidden platforms and ankle boots are the flavor du jour.

These new booties (well, they came out last month, but there’s a bunch of new colors this week so it’s nearly news!) are fun, well-crafted, and not made to convey any sort of fetish feeling ;)

You’ll note the usual Bax combination of great prims with excellent textures, even down to the rubber soles. Stare closely enough and you’ll see some trompe-l’oeil croco 3D effects.

I even saw some of those wild booties at Brown’s, an elegant and conservative shoe store here in Canada : (or just in case they no longer carry them, see our pic here.)

So leave your stilettos at the dungeon for once, and step out in these fun Bax booties.. it won’t kill you ;)

You can see more details at Bax's blog :

Bax is back with some classic booties with a modern twist.

The details in the prim work and texture are amazing, take a close up look at the laces if you don’t believe me.

For you viewer one junkies, these boots come both the alpha mask and build in invisi prims you can turn off or on by a touch on a button in the menu.

A menu that, again, shows her attention to detail, and keeping it simple. You have 4 size buttons, a button to remove the script for low lag, the fix feet option can be turned on/off now and the already mentioned invisiprims are controlled from here.

Finally there is the option to hide the lovely bows, not sure why you would want too but there it is.

I’m wearing the Margo here and i just had to put on my POC Peggy Sue, seems like a perfect match, but as you can see there are many styles available, get yours before every one is wearing them.

Name : Bax Coen Design
Owner : Bax Coen


Image(s) courtesy of Bax Coen Designs

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  1. Bax says "Please tell Lelo the option to hide the bows is there in case you wear them under long pants and they stick out." My sweetie just doesn't wear a lot of pants ;)