Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EveLock - Posture Collar

Our new friend Eve Terr, who you’ll remember from the cool celtic collars we featured in October, called us with a nice new posture collar this time

It has lovely clean lines, fit lelo right out of the box, and avoids the common black-on-black pitfall with an excellent wrinkled-leather texture.

The buckles have a fun locking mechanism and cool little padlocks with through-and-through keyholes.. I love that kind of attention to detail.

One small thing worth noting, the collar is transferable, so don’t hesitate to buy one as a gift for that special magic pony doll bondage bunny in your life.

I remarked to lelo that it wouldn’t look out of place on a ponygirl, and she agreed. Maybe there’s a market there, Eve :)

Our second run of a Evelock product, this time a nicely sculpted posture collar.

First thing you’ll notice is the nice leather (brown!!) texture on it, making it stand out from all the black in SL.

Except for having to pull the collar a bit up it was a close to perfect fit for me, i’m lucky that way i guess as there is no resize script in the collar.

As with the other collars from Eve, you get the scripts based on Dari’s, Eve added a fun little clip-on bell, just in-case you don’t want your pet to sneak up on you.

So once again a lovely crafted bit of kit from Eve, which will make you stand out from crowd, with still one of the best collar scripts in SL.

Name : Evelock
Owner : Eve Terr


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