Thursday, December 1, 2011

Drakke's Design - Dragon and Demon Boots

It seems hard to believe but it’s a year to the day since we posted about Drakke... I need a better system to keep track of designers.

As we were having a peek in the store, Mandrakke himself dropped by and said hello, and pointed us to his cool new releases, the knee-high Dragon (which I am wearing) and the ankle-length version, Demon, modeled by lelo.

That wild heel caught my eye.. and my leather pants.. and the drapes.. No, I kid. It’s really gorgeous work.

If you like all the color combinations, there’s a fatpack of each model. Note that if you’re using the trusty old viewer 1, you’ll want to take a bit of time to fit the Dragon just right. Invisiprims are included.

This is a fierce-looking boot, perfect for a goth-style domme. Stay tuned, we hear new fetish boots are coming up after Christmas :)

a second pair of boots this week, made by Mandrakke from Drakke’s designs this time.

I’m wearing the Demon ankle boot, which comes in red/chrome, black/black, black/chrome, black/gold and white/white.

Clicking on the boots gives you access to the re-size options, including a reset option and a kill script function, the fight against lag concerns all of us.

There is also a pointy little HUD button that gives access to another menu, which lets you control the glow and the little teeth on the front of the boots.

So when you are into Dungeon’s & Dragon’s these are the boots for you, just be aware that these boots have pointy spikes, so don’t wear them around any rubber dollies. *winks*

Name : Drakke's Designs
Owner : Mandrakke Dagger



  1. I might have asked this before, and if so I apologize, but could you please tell me where that latex dress lelo is wearing is from? I see it in a lot of your posts but it's never credited.

  2. Hi Ceiri, it's one of my favorites and from Kayliwulf Kingdom, completed it with a corset from them as well. Hope this helps. lelo