Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hugo’s Design - Viktoria 2011 and Xyx Body 3

There are other fetish designers in SL than Hugo’s Design, I promise! We just see a *lot* of activity from Erik lately, and well, we go where the news are, n’est-ce pas?

The Viktoria 2011 outfit (in blue and pink here) was a request by Viktoria Brandenburg to Eric Hugo some time ago, and was only available in black.

Seems Eric got around to making the other colors, and they look good! You may have a bit of challenge before you matching footwear, but my Bax metallic blue ankle boots did the trick here - colored indigo, if you’re curious.

Vik is pleased as punch about the stockings, calling them “the best latex ones in SL in my opinion”, and I’d have to see some pretty amazing ones elsewhere to disagree.

The Xyx is a cool little bustier top, and the rivets here and there add a fun touch that completes the distinctive rings-and-straps Hugo look.

As usual, you can see more details at

Isn’t this the ultimate flattery, when one designer names an outfit for another designer, we’re not naming anyone here of course.

As usual you get loads of options with these outfits, including the tattoo layered options, though be aware that with the Viktoria the panties aren’t included in the tattoo, good thing Mistress has a observing eye or i would have been half naked.

Both outfits come with stockings, gloves and pasties, yes they are back, seems Erik reads a certain blog, the Viktoria comes with sheer options for pasties and panties and the Xyx comes with long and short gloves.

You can expose your breasts in both outfits, but as usual we want to keep our pg rating, sorry.. *winks*

The Xyx has the first stockings with zippers in the back, totally useless, but i love the look.

Finally you get the lovely masquerade-style mask we showed you in the last Hugo post, just so you can hide your identity when showing too much skin.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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