Tuesday, November 22, 2011

XTC Leather - Prison Planet with Red Boots

A different texture for Xav’s leather this release, Prison Planet is more suitable for action adventure heroines than the runway.

The texture of the leather is very big-grained, which is best viewed at mid to long range.

If you look very closely at the straps on the corset (and a certain designer warned you in advance), you’ll note they look like straitjacket bits.

Another cool detail to add to your “Escaping from the prison planet” roleplay... hey, maybe Xav watched Sucker Punch!

The (sold separately) boots are script-free. That’s pretty cool, and as they’re full mod, you get to stretch and squeeze them to fit as you like using standard edit functions (hint : Edit, control-shift!)

The included note recommends to make a copy before you start. Having ruined a prim-based outfit (in the distant past!), I attest that this is excellent advice.

According to our famous fetish fashion shopper, Pet, the boots will soon be available in all the striking XTC colors.

Prison Planet comes with the options we show here.

You get two top options, well a leather bustier with a net body and a roll of sticky tape, and somehow i ended up with the tape. *winks*

Then you’ll find a pair of leather pants and a tiny string which completes the net body, once again i ended up with the string.

You’ll also get a great looking red leather corset, which covers most of the net body which pretty good on it’s own, you just don’t need to be scared to show a bit of skin.

Finale clothing part are the good looking leather gloves we’ve seen before with other XTC products.

The real news are the boots which are something new for Xaviar, but that’s Mistress department. *winks*

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders


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