Monday, November 14, 2011

Hugo’s Design - XYX Catsuits and Masks

Xyx is growing into a full line at Hugo’s, and we’re struggling to show you all the new parts coming out.

Bianka posted about the new Harness and Body 2, so let me just direct you to her post for those two, while we tell you about the four catsuits and the matching mask set.

In our first picture, I’m wearing Cat 4, the fairly revealing version with small strategic portholes (three in front, one in rear) and lelo is wearing Cat 2 in green - full frontal nudity but closed in rear.

In the second, I have Cat 1 with yellow highlights (full coverage) and lelo has Cat 3 with blue, with larger breast holes than Cat 4, and the same bottom portholes.

You’ll note the fun new colors (blue, yellow and green) along with the Hugo traditional ones.

Lelo’s right that all these openings are hard to track. We’re giving you a glimpse here, but do visit the store to get exactly the version that suits you.

Long gloves and long stockings included (with the color highlight). Note that if you wear one of the masks (which are tattoo layer) you’ll need to wear the clothes layer outfit. Or, you know, just go masked and naked... you choose ;)

Ok first things first, better get seated, this is a shocker... there are no pasties with these catsuits!!! *winks*

Hope you’re still with us for some more confusion with the versions, best tip i can give you is get them all and you can put the holes where you want them.

As you would expect from Hugo’s you get all the layers and a plain and seamed version of the catsuit.

So much for the catsuits, all those holes tend to confuse me quite a bit.. *smiles*

The other addition are the new mask and they are really fun and come in 4 versions.

All are tattoo layer so you keep your own face \o/, the ‘cat’ hood comes with prim ears and next to the 3 hoods you also get a masquerade-style mask, we’re thinking superhero here...

You can get the mask in matching colors to the catsuits and we checked they do fit and match up with them, all part of the service here at SLFF.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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