Friday, November 11, 2011

Pony Places : Port Sarah Ponygirl RP Community

Port Sarah is a pretty extraordinary sim. The pony play there is integrated in roleplay - I want to say daily life - in a way that is rarely seen elsewhere.

We were lucky enough to run into Logan Catronis, one of the architects of the current incarnation of Sarah’s.

He’s the oldest soul I’ve met in SL, and despite the *Evil Incarnate* tag he wore, was the soul of courtesy to us as we visited.

Roleplay rules at Sarah’s are strict, with the intent of making sure everyone has a good time. This is a fighting sim, with some pretty rough action going on at any time, so be aware of this if you visit.

We wore the mandatory Observer tag and were quiet as church mice while we visited - you really, really want to read the card you get on arrival, I'm not kidding.

Prospective members must meet with an admin for an entry interview. When I remarked that this was labor-intensive, Logan mentioned that no less than 14 admins help run things, so someone is always on hand.

The sim is gorgeous, and the construction everywhere is beautiful and consistent, giving a real 1800’s period feel.

The cart tour of the sim was slow and leisurely - the girls are trained to it, I learned. I approve!

The amount of sheer intelligence that went into everything really impressed me. I spotted the wide roads immediately on arrival, and sure enough, pony carts are the vehicles : no flight, and even teleporting is frowned upon - and forbidden in a fight, of course.

There’s no way to sum up a two hour visit in a few paragraphs, so I’ll encourage you to visit and speak to an admin if a pony lifestyle in a fully immersive roleplay sim sounds good to you.


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