Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mech-Toys - XToy

“A child in Walla Walla broke its piggy bank (secretly, with one eye on the door), gathered up the slowly accumulated slugs and bought a perfectly delightful gadget, which not only did things, but made the appropriate noises as well."
Robert A. Heinlein, "Beyond This Horizon"

A fun ad we saw go by on Fetish Consolidated brought us to Mech-Toys for their latest release, the simply-named XToy.

This complete avatar should be of interest to all dolls, toys, gynoids, and assorted artificial people aficionados in SL - no small crowd, although we didn’t show a lot of doll products lately.

If you like buttons, joysticks, arrowpads, bleeps, bloops, cables, access panels, and other things that make technophiles’ hearts beat faster, this is definitely a toy you should investigate.

The price is high, but hey, if you love toys, that has never stopped you, right? ;)

Don’t worry it’s still me, but this is like the box says a full AV, elongated neck and all. *smiles*

Full AV means everything you see here, including one of Mecha’s famous jointed doll skins.

The heart of this outfit is the built-in DVD player, which uses the Open Collar scripts as a base, so i won’t go into those functions as i’m sure most of you wear or own wearers of this system.

There is an Dolly button that leads to the remote, wind and power check options.

The remote option lets you control your dollies movement, with wind you can bring life to your dolly and the power check.. well.. it checks the remaining power of your dolly.

Still it’s a fun change from the usual collars and goes great with the overall theme.

Ohh, beware : this dolly has a build in run time of 30 minutes before it winds down and comes to a screeching halt.

Looks like Mecha stripped her game controller for parts of this outfit, i just love the joystick headband and the RCA connectors trailing out of your back.

Like Mistress says, delightful toy that makes all the right noises...

Name : Mech-Toys
Owner : Mechatoy Mekanic


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