Monday, November 7, 2011

Kayliwulf Kingdom - Trinity

No lieutenant, your men are already dead.” With that flat cold pronouncement by Agent Smith, we meet Trinity in the first Matrix movie.

If *you* were going into some virtual world where you could look any way you like and perform amazing feats, wouldn’t you want to be dressed in teh shiny? ;)

This is Trinity by Kayliwulf Kingdom, a recent release (if not exactly hot off the press - sorry!).

It’s got a lot of nice clothing layer goodies, including a cami top for your more vigorous action scenes.

The ankle boots have a nice new heel, number 7. They’re v2 only, so I had to shuffle a few things around to be able to do the usual invisiprim trick.

That left off the cool included prim zippers that get worn on lower legs, but it allows me to stubbornly resist progress and stay in my comfy old v1.23.

What else? Shortie gloves, shortie socks, and shortie panties ;)

Ah, and the awesome Trinity sunglasses are included too, with a blast from the past : bling!

If like me, you didn’t remember, type “bling off” in main chat to turn that lovely feature off.

Seems like the number one latex designer of SL has switched from latex to PVC at least that's how this looks to me.

The outfit has that distinctive soft gloss you get from PVC, especially at the seams, of which Laz added quite a few to the jacket.

I’m glad to see that our good old Laz is back doing that which he does best, well next to DJing and rebuilding sims, making sexy shiny clothes.

Name : Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight


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