Friday, November 18, 2011

November Dressage Society Show

By Kendra Chemistry, Pony Correspondent

Hi there, pony fans! First, I want to say I’m sorry I didn’t post last week as I was wrapped up in last minute preparations for the Dressage Show we had on Saturday, November 12th. Second, let me tell you about dressage and about the show...

Dressage (a French term, most commonly translated to mean "training") is a competitive equestrian sport, and is "the highest expression of horse training.”

In pony play, we have adapted it and train human mares and stallions to perform it for our pleasure and sport. The pony and its trainer are judged together as a team on how they perform a routine of prescribed courses on the field.

There are two types of fields used, one I call a “standard” field, and another we call the flower field. In standard pony dressage, the field has a figure 8, a circle, 2 lines, a row of slalom poles, and letters around the perimeter of the field.

The trainer is given a card of instructions as the team steps up, ready to perform. There will be 5 instructions on the card, one each of the following, starting from a specified mark on the field: Forward line, Backward line, Slalom, Circle and Figure 8. The trainer directs the pony around the field with voice commands, simple snaps of a whip, or silently with no prompting to follow or execute.

In flower dressage, the field looks like a flower from overhead, and is a pattern of circles with letters designating each of them. A card of instructions are given, and the moves to be performed can range from simple ovals or figure 8’s, to the very complex, mind boggling and beautiful.

The judges look at accuracy, command, presentation, behaviour, responsiveness and rhythm. The scores they give are added up and averaged. Each team gets one chance to perform, and awards are given for the best scores.

Now... on with the show. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the field freshly cut and chalked. Anticipation built as the judges and competitors arrived, spectators filled the stands. The ponies lined up with their trainers, some nervous, others confident, the excitement grew. Everything was in place.

I was the hostess of the show... introduced the judges and then directed the first team to take the field. As each team performed, it was apparent that even the most experienced could crack under the pressure, and some newer ponies rose to the occasion making their trainers very proud.

Not all ponies had their own trainers to lead them on the field, so some trainers presented several ponies so they could all participate.

As a special treat, Miss Neysa and KaTrina Velde performed a beautiful flower dressage demonstration halfway though the show.

I want to give special thanks to Miss Button Wright and the Frilly Filly Farm for hosting the show, and to the show judges: Miss Mikky Heron, Sir Diablo (Harold Tryce) and Beauty (Kara Kaptane).

Congratulations to all the ponies, their owners and trainers on a wonderful show. And thank you to the audience for their support. It was a great time and we look forward to may more shows to come.

Results - SL Dressage Society Dressage Show - Frilly Filly Farm, 12 Nov 2011

Sir Nolddk Boucher with Amelia Expiento42.3
Miss Kendra Chemistry with Apples (Devastacica Stormborn)41.3
Miss Kendra Chemistry with Cherrypie (Cherry Rexie)
Miss Kendra Chemistry with Waffles (Laurana Christenson)
Miss Kendra Chemistry with KaTrina Velde
Miss Laurana Christenson with Windrunner (Krystalin Resident)
Miss Aprille Dollinger with Aella (Kendra Chemistry)
Miss Laurana Christenson with Aziza (Daniella Zenoria)36.3
Miss Kendra Chemistry with Cerbiatto (Josy DeCuir)34
Miss Laurana Christenson with Amber (Amberlee Moonshadow)32
Miss Telra Huntress with Moondance (Kat Stephenson)29.3
Miss Cherry Rexie with Caprice (Becky Koolhoven)27.3

All are welcome to join the SL Dressage Society and keep informed about upcoming dressage events.

Besides the shows, we have classes and practice sessions for performing and judging. Any member can invite you. After you join, IM Zobo Shepherd or myself, Kendra Chemistry, and we can assign you a pony, trainer or owner role.

Please see the Society’s web site for all kinds of information at:

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