Thursday, November 17, 2011

Latex Web Inc. - Gas Mark One Mask And Exo-Gasss

When I opened the Latex Web box, this thing jumped onto my face... ;)

This uncomfortably spooky, organic, tentacle-y and spiky assemblage I’m wearing (all in black here - what, you couldn’t tell who is who?) is the Gas Mark One Mask, by Latex Web.

If it was called Spiky Alien Queen Tentacle Demoness, well, nobody would be confused either.

Seems Mariko was bored with the more mundane gas masks, and set out to make some more interesting ones. (I think that if you go "ho-hum, another dominatrix in heavy rubber and gas mask", your life is entirely *too* interesting.)

I like the shuttered visor.. adds a post-apocalyptic je-ne-sais-quoi to the ensemble. The human spine and tiny pelvic bone crown are for horror fans, no doubt.

The mask is copy and mod, so if you want to customize it to your own tastes, make yourself a safe copy and start the surgery!

We told you last night you would need a gasmask, well here are two of the most elaborate masks we have ever seen.

The Exo i’m wearing is made up of 130 prims and Mistress’s Mark one contains 194, looks like someone had fun building these.

You get the option, in a simple menu, to turn the breathing on and off, please be kind and only use the on option in a private setting.

I love the way they gave the different parts of the mask, different shininess settings, so they change looks in different light.

The look is very much inspired by the creations of HR Giger and i’m sure a matter of taste, one thing is for sure you’ll be the center of attention wearing one of these.

Name : Latex Web Inc.
Owner : Mariko Demonia


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