Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spurge Latex Clothing - Misima Uniform and Bio Hazard Catsuit

Some really good looking latex from a designer we haven’t featured in a while is just what the doctor ordered : the store is Spurge, and I’m wearing the blue Misima latex uniform, while lelo is modeling the fetching Bio Hazard catsuit.

We have Latexia to thank for the reminder : we visited the store and found some great new outfits, and voila! here they are :)

The blue in the Misima is rich and eye-catching, and the reflections look authentic as heck. (Sure, heck is authentic. You can be darned to heck!)

Misima is also available in red, green, pink, yellow and opium (a duller pink).

I poked a bit of fun at lelo for looking like Scorpion, but anyone wearing a yellow and black outfit with a black mouth cover runs that risk, so it’s not her fault.

She retaliated with a cool Britney video where you see a great example of the cool little aviator hat I’m wearing, so here’s the link if you want to watch it.

Prices are very good, and if I wished for anything more, it might be a matching skirt - it’s a little drafty in here ;)

The Bio Hazard comes with 3 options, the open zipper like shown here, the zipper closed and an option without the zipper all together.

All versions come in underwear and shirt/pant layer, leaving room for corsets and or jackets.

The catsuit is completed with short socks and gloves and a simple, meaning good, looking face mask, which comes with some stern warnings on the side.

The bio hazard sign is a nice finishing touch, you can also get a nuclear or chemical hazard sign instead of the bio sign.

Next to the catsuit there is also a dress version with the same colors and design.

The thing that really caught my eye in this outfit is the “dirty” latex look of the yellow, i really love how it makes the yellow more interesting and not so in your face.

So for all you wandering the post atomic wastelands here in SL, this is the outfit for you, just remember, for prolonged exposure outside better get a good gasmask.

Name : Spurge Latex Clothing
Owner : Blind Scribe


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