Thursday, December 22, 2011

BareRose - Skeleton Harness

Deirdre here : Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce our new Pony Correspondent, Devastacia. She's a friend of Kendra's, and another experienced pony person.

(Remember that if you're interested, we're still taking applications!

The Pony Correspondent post is early this week so we can squeeze our Christmas greeting in on Friday.. lelo's genius idea :)

By Devastacia Soulstar, Pony Correspondent

BareRose Tokyo isn’t typically known for their selection of pony play gear. The sprawling store has hundreds of outfit choices on walls that raise the height of ten avatars.

Buried amongst the myriad of outfits I was surprised to find a lovely little harness.

Located in the “Sexy” section of the store (fourth row from the bottom, middle of the wall), the “Skeleton Harness” is a great outfit for a pony looking for something a little bit different than the standard BDSM harness.

The harness itself is on clothing layers, but has prim attachments to accentuate the outfit that give it a bit of flair. I found the prim portions to be easy to adjust and fit, although the outfit even looks great without them.

The harness can be worn alone, or with included latex under layers which come in six colors (black, blue, orange, pink, purple, and red).

One of the best aspects of this outfit is the cost. Like most others at BareRose Tokyo, the Skeleton Harness is very affordable at only L$150.

The store also offers other fetish outfits and many more non-fetish, and the store is well worth a browse, despite the often confusing layout.

Name: BareRose
Owner: June Dion

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