Monday, December 12, 2011

DeLust - Gasmask V 1.0

Lelo received a gas mask in the mail. While this is a perfectly fine procedure, we also encourage designers to say hello ;)

Nicki, the name behind the DeLust brand gas mask, is an old soul, and judging from her work and her groups, a 3D designer and early mesh adopter.

The mask looks good, but suffers a bit from black on black. The subtle textures that look great in Photoshop or from right up close in a wicked zoom-in sadly don’t do so well in daily use in the world.

The scripts are Nicki’s own, and she kept them nice and simple. As she says, she made the gas mask for her own use.

That seems to me the best reason in the world to make anything, and I think it has a good chance of producing something interesting :)

We received this mask a while back, but without a comfortable mesh viewer we kinda forgot about it.

But with the introduction of the new Phoenix Mesh enabled viewer we remembered the mask, so here it is, our first mesh gasmask.

You have a choice of 7 “filter” options, including funnels for the fans of the yellow stuff.

There is also a dildo and a no filter option, where the mouth is accessible, opening a whole load of more hardcore possibilities.

There is also a owner option and a lock function, which shows a lovely little lock on the side of the mask.

Lovely looking mask, especially considering it is her first product for sale, if this is what we can expect from all Mesh items, we are in for some good times.

Name : DeLust
Owner : Nicki Petrichor


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