Saturday, December 10, 2011

Estate Obscure Stables

By Kendra Chemistry, Pony Correspondent - with help from Devastacia Soulstar

The island of Estate Obscure is not like your typical BDSM club in Second Life. Estate Obscure is a community which tries to foster growth and learning among the members.

The Estate is a lesbian community, however well-mannered males are tolerated. It takes in submissives who have suffered, and helps them in the healing process.

Estate Obscure offers many facilities for use, which are open to all, but are primarily for the use of members (see an Estate Dominant for more info).

A focal point of the sim is the clubhouse, a warm, safe haven for all to have discussion, bond, and occasionally play. One of those facilities is the stables, or "ponyland," which can be reached via teleporter from the sim’s landing point.

Ponyland includes all of the basic pony facilities, including a slalom, barrels, dressage field, steeplechase, and a large barn which has a grooming/tacking area and stalls for both members and visitors to use.

There are also very rugged carting trails on the ground level (the main stables are in a sky deck.) Monthly pony events are held at the sim and the next event is a Running Barrels competition on December 21 at 6pm SLT.

The Place : Estate Obscure Stables


Owner :
Alt168 Obscure

December SL Dressage Society Show Report

The December show was held at Estate Obscure this month, and had a fantastic turnout of competitors and spectators. The results were:
1st Miss Mikky Heron with Beauty (Kara Kaptane) 42.0
2nd Miss Jo Gallindo with Seraphim (safra2011 Resident) 39.33
Miss Tasha Yar Dax with Jelly (Jill Freenote) 39.33
Miss Kara Kaptane with Waffles (Laurana Christenson) 39.33
3rd Miss Mikky Heron with (Equuea Eiren) 35.33
4th Miss Jo Gallindo with Ash (Cathryn McMillan) 34.6
5th Miss Zaphod Plutonian with Aziza (Daniella Zenoria) 34.0
6th Miss Mikky Heron with Lucciola (Aprille Dollinger) 33.33
7th Miss Telra Huntress with Moondance (Kat Stephenson) 31.33
8th Miss Telra Huntress with Amber (Amberlee Moonshadow) 29.0
9th Miss Jo Gallindo and Latexbaby (Latexbaby Fiertze) 17.0
The next show will be in late January at Meiji Stables.

Look for notices in Pony Info Group and SL Dressage Society groups, and all about SL Pony Play Dressage at the Society's web site.

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