Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Plausible Body - French Maid

I must live in Serendip. I called Roslyn to say hi as it had been a while since we did anything Plausible (my life is so implausible that you just wouldn’t believe it.)

Lo, a new French Maid outfit had just come out recently. Turns out she’s a maid outfit fanatic, as she says - fun!

Roslyn had an idea that it wouldn’t sell so well at Latexia so it wasn’t at her stall there. I told her that all rubberdolls have a secret French Maid heart - we’ll see if sales confirm my theory ;)

The outfit is really lovely, and quite detailed - lots of fun little prim parts to adjust, and I’ll admit I missed the coif but I’m feeling lazy and I’m not re-shooting.

The shoes will only work with a v2 viewer, unless you feel adventurous and add an invisiprim to them yourself - they *are* mod.

As with other Plausible Body items, the outfit is open::price, which means you pay what you can. And as with their other items, there’s some very good work here, so I’ll encourage you to be generous.

Well seems i somehow drew the short straw again and ended up nearly naked, still the real news is Mistress in a maid's dress. *winks*

As you can see, the outfit comes in a living room and bedroom version, still both are sexy as hell.

The clean clothlayer parts are enhanced with 8 frilly prims, giving the outfit just the right French look.

You get two dusters in the pack, one scripted with 4 cleaning animations the other is a lag-friendly scriptless version.

So if you need a maid for the living room and the bedroom this kit is for you, and be kind when you pay, she did put a lot of work into it.

Name : Plausible Body
Owner : Roslynd Turbo & Emilie Muggins


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