Thursday, December 15, 2011

KaS - Corset System Dress

Mark the calendar with a red cross, I installed Phoenix on my computer, and so far I love it. It’s like v1 with all the trimmings :)

It was necessary to see lelo in the lovely KaS Corsest System Dress, a seriously impressive mesh wardrobe.

We don’t hear very often from Salid, but when we do, she knocks our socks off. Remember her ballet boots last year?

Corset is a complete latex kit. Seriously : see the third pic for the variations. Between all the options and the color change, this is the one dress you need this year, and nothing else. Those are some of the best sleeve folds I have ever seen in SL.

Yeah, yeah. Not everyone can see mesh yet. But products like this will promote fast adoption, I think ;)

Boohoo... i want one of these magic dresses in RL, wear this (alpha) undergarment and wear this preformed dress and hé presto instant supermodel shape.

This is another mesh product and we do love them already, it’s great how a dress or a sleeve follows the body.

As the title says this is a system, giving you all kinds of options, from a long skirt to a lovely flared short skirt, a blouse to a bikini top even the SL mandatory free top.

The secret here is layering of alphas or and this shows how smart Salid really is the picking of the right combined alpha for us dinosaurs that hold on to old fashioned viewers.

You also get a hud to change the colors of your lovely dress, she matched all the POC colors, we went for the clasic KaS red and black.

You can turn off the textured colors and use a color field to select any color you like, you can even set the SL prim shininess and make the dress glow, perfect for these dark wintersnights.

Ok, so this one doesn’t have a locking option, but who cares everyone should have more than enough toys or relays to take care of that, i love this dress and i’m thinking of moving in. *winks*

Name : KaS
The owner : Salid Sewell


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  1. This is why I love mesh, it can do so much prims and clothing alone cannot.. Best dress I've ever got free