Thursday, December 8, 2011

Purrfect 10 - Killer Heels

I had to search through my wardrobe for a moment to find something deadly enough to match Ten’s new Killer Heels.. I think XTC’s Viper dress does the trick.

And I already had switchblade boots .. the revolver heel rounds out the collection ;)

I fine tuned my skin color again with the basic color ball so here’s the new improved Deirdre skin color : RGB 202 125 73, Hue Sat Lum 24 55 54.

There’s a pretty fancy skin toner device included in the box, which uses an external program called Color Cop to very cleverly “eye-dropper” your own skin color to feed into the color ball.

Killer Heels are available in a wagonload of colors : White, Crimson, Cream, Chocolate, Tiger Pink, Tiger Natural, Tiger Turquoise, Camo Red, Camo Grey and Camo Gold.

Each color includes basic black, so you can make them all the primary colour, all patent black or a mix of both. The metal parts also can be changed to silver or gold. And each pair has a choice of 8 sole colours. If you can’t match your wardrobe, you just aren’t trying ;)

Be afraid, very afraid, Mistress is packing heat these days... in her heels.

I’m sure they will be someones fetish, we just couldn’t let them go by.. could be the fact that Ten was pointing them at us at the time. *winks*

I’m glad Ten toned them down a bit and didn’t good all they way as they did with Rose in Planet Terror.

Still all joking besides, these are great looking shoes, the bullets with the little diamonds are a work of art and well the heels are killer.

So when you are looking for a very sexy bit of home protection, don’t look any further, these are the shoes for you.

Name : Purrfect 10
Owner : Ten Dexler


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