Wednesday, December 7, 2011

KCreations - Mesh Bodybinder

Kat called us the other day, out of the blue.. it had been some time. She’s a good friend, and I enjoy our chats tremendously.

But aside from fun catch-up (ok, gossip), she had something pretty amazing to lay on us : a mesh body binder :)

This is the first mesh item we review, and we went all out : lelo and I installed the Firestorm “official release” (note how it's not called “stable” release).

Not on my main pc, are you nuts? - I keep a clunker for the unsafe stuff.

I then discovered all the fun things viewer-jumpers (as lelo calls them) experience: wearing two sets of hair, two pairs of boots... unexplained crashes when clicking on the text box, heart-stopping screen blinks when snapping a simple pic..

If you figured out that I am not moving to Firestorm if someone mails me ten thousand dollars, well, Sherlock Holmes is hiring, I hear.

So. The body bag is pretty awesome, I have to admit... nearly worth the hassle ;) Note the excellent KCreations leather textures, in particular.

I was lucky enough to snap lelo in mid-wiggle (blink-aaagh!) for you - it’s the second picture. It’s really fun to watch, as is the bunny hop that replaces walking when you’re bound.

I don’t usually take pictures that show the world broken - no fun ruining the illusion we come here for - but the sight of lelo bodiless with the red snail hat was just priceless, so here it is.

Kat has been working with mesh and here is her first creation, a skintight bodybinder.

It’s amazing to see how this stuff sticks to your body, just a pity it only shows in the V3 viewers.

The binder comes with an easy script which, as you might expect, is RLV compatible and gives you the usual key, lock, leash and timer functions.

There is a latex and leather version, and you can also change the colors of the binder and the binding belts.

The biggest fun is the AO and the struggle options making you wiggle and hop around.

One great extra with this bodybinder for the V2 users is that you get a great floating head costume in case you go to a costume new years party, just don’t wear the bodybinder as it ends up as a snail on your head. *winks*

Name : KCreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov



  1. If you want to see meshes, for God's sake, use Singularity or Cool viewer! Both are V1, both have Rlv and both work better then any messy V2 coded viewer!

  2. And some useful links to:
    And please, read what Henry says about V2 code, cause He was the one, alone, that broke the myth that V1 viewers couldn't use mesh and where doomed!