Monday, December 19, 2011

Rosal - Rivet

Some gorgeous, high (high!) prim goodness from Rosal, this is the new Rivet series.

The incredibly detailed riveted rings surrounding the neck and waist corsets and matching boots look awesome, but the prim cost is high.

For example, the boots are a server-grinding 402 prims each, so Tsarina smartly includes a low-prim version in the box that uses a mere 140 per boot - that’s the version I’m wearing here.

There’s a very good resize script included in the Rivet line - in the corset, it’s under AddOns, Corset, Resize. Once you get there, you are treated to non-proportional resize goodness - very, very nice. Shrink width, stretch height... I love it!

One note : resize does both boots, unlike most scripts. I wore one, keeping the other leg bare for reference, as I usually do. When I went to fit the other boot... the first started shrinking right along. Argh! Well, this is why we take copies before fiddling, kiddies.

And speaking of notes, make sure to read the “Using Alpha Textures (combining corset and boot alphas)” if you intend to wear the boots with the corset.. I sure learned much about alphas there.

And to start off the Christmas season properly, here's a very nice gift from Latex station :

Hello Latex Station friends,

I like to wish you all happy hollidays and a Merry Christmas. While i take a small break and enjoy some warm sunshine on my skin, i hope you can enjoy my table of 30 outfits x 10L$ FREEBIES. Inside the ladieswear department :-)

Ok, here’s the big news the queen of corsets is making boots as well and even better ballet boots. \o/

From top to bottom : neck corset first, though most option are in all the items, like the color change script that lets you change the colors of the prim parts on the corset, there are 11 colors to select from.

The corset comes in 3 versions, normal, tight (which Mistress is wearing here) and very tight (which i’m squeezed into). Here you get, just like with the neck corset, the Open Collar script, but she also included a box with non-OC corsets.

Like with the neck corset and the boots you get the 3 axis resizer, the best we’ve seen yet, just make sure you take your time adjusting it till its perfect.

You also get the possibility to remove the invisiprim, so your arms show when you have them on your back. *smiles*

Ok i managed to keep the best till last, the ballet boots, ok there are also a lovely pair of “normal” boots in the pack, but who cares. *winks*

The foot shape is perfect, ok sitting down is always a bit of a problem with thigh high boots, but some adjustments and resizing should minimize the problem.

An extra on the boots is that you can color the platforms, rim and soles, red soles anyone. *winks*

So looking for some space age corsets with matching boots...Duh... what are you waiting for...

Name : Rosal
Owner : Tsarina Mint


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