Friday, December 16, 2011

Pony Column Will No Longer Be Weekly

It’s not easy to write something every week.

I have nothing but thanks to give to Jo and Kendra for their efforts, but the fact is that they are busy doing pony things. That’s why their input is valuable.

The sad fact is that we have a slot to fill every Friday.

So lelo and I have decided to publish the Pony Correspondent column on a when-available basis.

When we have a column in hand, it will go up on Friday. If we don’t.. well.

We’ll try to up the fetish fashion and toy reviews to five a week, but that’s a fair bit of work.

I’ll tell you right now, there will be Fridays with a lolcat pic or funny related video and not much more. We’ll do our best, as we’ve been doing these last few years.

If you want to help with research, it’s very much appreciated. Pony columns as well : read the past ones for format and inspiration.

Deirdre and lelo

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