Friday, January 6, 2012

Avatar Alpha Masks - Imnotgoing Sideways

Do you know, I thought something like this would be out there, because it’s so useful and it makes so much sense? I had a peek on Marketplace, and sure enough, there it was : Avatar Alpha Masks, by Imnotgoing Sideways.

Included in the kit are the alpha masks, ready to use (36 as I write this) and textures, suitable to save as tga and edit with Photoshop or similar.

They’re free, so I encourage you to mail Imnotgoing some cash if you find these useful.

She updates the box every month or so on marketplace, a little less at the shop.

So, if there’s a shape you need and you’re not feeling creative, have a look now and again.

Imnotgoing is very nice, and answered a question in such a clear way I’ll just quote her :
Deirdre Young: ah, the negative numbers on the feet alphas.. do they mean something?

Imnotgoing Sideways: Yeah. 0 is the seam between the leg and the foot in the UV map. Positive numbers go up the legs for boots. Negative numbers leave more visible foot for open shoes. (^_^)
The textures are covered by the very cool Creative Commons Attribution license so you can share or adapt them, but you should make it clear she made the originals.

Now go fix your feet ;)


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