Monday, January 9, 2012

Jaimie Earst - Mesh Boots with Esnya and Prima dresses

I haven’t seen any others, so I am going to call them the first ever in SL, okay? Introducing the incredibly awesome first mesh thigh boots from Jaimie Earst.

I’m rapidly falling in love with mesh. When I told lelo “Let’s take our time and make sure these are fitted perfectly”, she was nice enough to not say anything.

So, duh. You can’t edit or adjust mesh clothes - they line up with your bones. So in a few moments, I picked the tightness I wanted (size 2) and I had perfect-fit boots.

Oh sure, they depend on alpha for a cheat.. but they fit the way I *want* my boots to look.

To stop gushing about the boots for a moment, I’ll gush about the Prima minidress, which looks simply awesome.

Excellent shine plus a skirt prim I’d call the best I’ve seen since the one from Drawmachine. I nearly regret not modeling the pink Prima - it looks like a candy apple :)

If all of this isn’t enough to get you to run to Jaimie’s, the red mesh boots are free (until Saturday Jan. 14th, so hurry!)

As a PS, I'm completely satisfied with Phoenix 1.60 so far. So if you were hesitating, go right ahead and dive in.. the water’s fine.

Look at the knees, the knees, look at them, i mean really look at the knees.... now this is what we were waiting for, next get group chat working and we are cooking with gas. *winks*

Jaimie gives you 5 sizes of the boots so they will fit your thighs, yes that’s still a little draw back with mesh, no resizing, but then no long fitting sessions as well.

The Alpha layer comes in 2 sizes, but if you need more i just point you to last fridays post.

Ok so we love these boots, but let's not forget the matching dresses she offers as well.

Mistress is wearing the Prima dress which is a lovely latex dress which is fully closed in the front, but almost fully open in the back, people will love to see you go...

I’m wearing the Esnya dress which has the same open back but comes with a nice low bust line, and the amazing prim breast cover which is fully adjustable.

Both skirts have a mesh skirt cover, which just snaps into place.

So run and get your favorite color and the one you like a bit less, and.. ahh just get them all, she’s practically giving them away.

Name : Jaimie Earst Fashion
Owner : Jaimie Earst



  1. "I haven’t seen any others, so I am going to call them the first ever in SL, okay"

    Ummm.... no. I believe those were the first.

  2. I was hoping for a response like that. Thank you! Don't hesitate to send in tips.. no need to wait for my outrageous statements ;)

  3. I'm glad I noticed this and nabbed those free boots while they are there. Thanks for posting!