Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moyet - Josie Corset

I’d love to say we received an anonymous tip made of cut-up newspaper words suggesting we visit Moyet - but it was just an IM to lelo ;)

The much-appreciated tip (Thanks Hecate!) brought us to a skybox two kilometers in the air - no horizon at that height, just clouds - with a very clean layout.

We saw some lovely latex, but the thing that grabbed us was this lovely prim corset, called Josie.

The colors are quite distinctive, so it might be a little bit tricky to match them.

The textures alternate between a very good impression of Chanel quilted leather, and grey leather with a good grain you can see from up close.

The quality is quite good, and the price fairly low. It’s not a little black dress, but you can probably find a home for it in your wardrobe :)

Guess how got a brand new corset in the mail this week? It still smells new and is stiff as a board, just the way i like them.

The look is great, i especially love the leather texture and the rivets she used.

I’m sure this will be one of the last prim corsets we’ll see, while the mesh corsets will take over in time, this still looks better than the mesh corsets we have seen till now.

The resizing takes a bit of getting used to, and you'd better take a reserve copy just to be safe in case the restore fails.

Ok one down side to this one, no scripts to restrict you more and more or locking stuff, but you get one very good looking corset.

Name : Moyet
Owner : 577 Moyet


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  1. Really lovely and great service!
    One wish do, that it could have a option to delete All the scripts for use on Sims that does not allow scripts on avatars (More and more sims are making that a rule!).
    If not possible, perhaps a Non copy but mod version for those who wish to remove all the scripts.