Thursday, January 12, 2012

Needful Pixel - Food Gags

We got a call from Ilse Bellic, of Needful Pixel : would we be interested in reviewing some of her things?

Turns out Ilse is a friend of Jaimie Earst, so we said sure, and went to visit.

A lovely surprise was waiting at the shop : the cool little gas station at the corner of two Linden roads which we frequently use as a starting point for motorcycle trips sits right at the shop’s doorstep, and was in fact created by Elke Wylie, the other partner at Needful.

We had a look around, and saw a fair bit of cool stuff, but the latest releases are the ones we ended up picking : the three fun “food” gags : strawberry, lollipop, and cupcake.

I’ll let lelo describe them in detail, but this is just the fun sort of stuff we wish we would see more of in Second Life.

I won’t swear she’s working on it as we speak, but Elke did seem to like my suggestion for a banana gag ;)

Well after all those clothes it’s high time for some toys, so here are the fun looking gags by Needful PIXEL.

Elke and Ilse took the standard ring gag one step further by adding some fun and tasty items in the mix, those rubber gags do have their own special taste.

As you might expect from a gag like this you get the full RLV options, but as a nice little extra they also are Xcite! compatible, so that should give it a new dimension.

The menu offers you a good help note, which explains all the options you get with this gag, better be prepared for a bit of a study, the options list is pretty long.

For now you have a choice of the shown, cupcake, lollipop or strawberry but rumour has it that more fruit is on its way.

You do have the option to hide the strap while leaving you gaged, so a PG friendly gag at last, no one will think twice when you walk around with a lollipop, though the strawberry and cupcake might take a bit of explaining.

I’m glad, all those cupcakes and lollies make fitting my corset quite a bit harder lately. *winks*

Name : Needful PIXEL
Owner : Elke Wylie & Ilse Bellic


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