Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lady Anne's - Queen of the Night and Mistress’ Heart

We took our friend Hikari motorcycle riding a while back. She seems to have gotten the bug, because she tipped us to a really spectacular riding sim, Mystic Falls.

Aside from the most amazing covered sky roads I’ve ever seen, the sim sports Lady Anne’s Latex Emporium and Legacy Leathers store, where you can get custom designed MC colors, and a few nice latex outfits.

I’m wearing Queen of the Night, a fun goth-vamp-buckle fetish outfit. The cape immediately cried mama to me when I saw it, and I was lucky enough to win the outfit on the lucky board in the store, so here it is :)

This is a full outfit, with boots and an AO with sexy walk. Fun extras include fangs, poseball pairs for biting rp, and a cool little coffin handbag.

The ankh design is reprised on the chest plate, belt buckle and purse, so maybe Lady Anne was influenced by Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned.

The boots are mod copy, so take a backup if you decide to resize them a bit.

This is quite a decent outfit for the price. Visit the store, and bring your bike :)

The Mistress’ Heart out fit comes with a nice mix of prim and cloth layer clothing, there are also boots included in the pack.

The under-layer clothing offers you a fully closed catsuit and the pants and jacket layer shows a bit more skin, like shown in our pictures.

The prim skirt is very simple but of the kind i really love to wear, short and floaty. *smiles*

Sadly the lovely boots suffer of what we call the black on black problem, you must get really close to see the details on them.

Those of you still stuck in the V1 viewer will be glad to hear that the invisi prims are included in the back next to the alpha layer.

You also get a nice paddle with the outfit, but as i don’t have a licence to use one we don’t show it here. *winks*

Ohh and when you are at the store give the trampoline in front of the store a try, works with an AV but on a bike you really get some air time.

Name : Lady Anne's Latex Emporium
Owner : Anne Chaminade Royce-Harker


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