Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Xena's - LatexHood XT

We saw this amazing hood at Mesmerize Dungeon - still a terrific place to hang out if you want to do some fetish people-watching.

Lelo dutifully made a note to investigate.. then, not a week later, we ran into Xena herself, wearing the hood. I think that’s a good sign :)

It’s a very cool, very well made sculptie, as you can perhaps tell from the first picture.

Aside from the simple shiny black, excellent color textures can be applied, although the black with just a touch of color looks great.

Xena’s little shop is worth a visit : she has a spinning model of the hood you can see before you buy.

You can also buy mannequins of the same design - the hood is actually a mannequin head. Just the thing to decorate a fetish club!

And we thought we had seem them all, but we are glad to bring you some new fetish gear that really caught our eye.

The hood fits me pretty well and i have a big head, at least that’s how it looks to me, though just in case you have some bits sticking out you can always resort to alpha-layers.

The hood can be personalized to your own color wishes, all 13 pieces can be given their own color, but there also is an "all" button for quick changes.

You have 37 colors to choose from, including the most popular POC colors.

The prim parts like the eye bits or the hair tails can be turned on or off, giving you more room to express yourself.

For some play you also get a mouth dildo, which we, as usual, don’t show.

All options can be set from the good looking menu system, she did a great job making this extremely easy to use and readable.

You might expect it and you won’t be disappointed, it does support RLV, ohh and be careful when you let someone weld your hood on, a rescue kit will cost you an extra 200 L$.

Name : Xena's Little shop
Owner : Xena Kabila
Scripts by : Sinha Hynes
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Island%20of%20Tarn/52/29/25


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  1. Absolutely correct. This is a marvelous hood! I acquired it a couple weeks ago and simply love it. I incorporated it into a Japanese/Michael Manning outfit over at Latex Web.

    Thank You