Thursday, February 9, 2012

Elixir - Embrace and Renegade Risa

Science-fiction outfits from Elixir teach us important things about the future : skin cancer has apparently been licked, and it’s warm over there ;)

These are the Renegade Risa (modeled by yours truly) and Embrace (worn by lelo), cool new outfits from Elixir.

The split rear (or sides in lelo’s case) stockings are very neat and quite original.

We hadn’t featured Elixir in a while - the Bax latex boots made me think of calling Khorus.

She’s working hard on her new store, Boingo (leather, swimsuits and clubwear - we’ll definitely be visiting!) but still put together more awesome sci-fi-y outfits we’ll be showing you soon.

Both outfits come in all clothes layers, allowing you to throw on jackets and such - you know, if you time-travel to the cold, distant past ;)

We had to use several rolls of double sided tape but we managed to keep everything in place. *winks*

I’m wearing the Embrace Jumper, something you shouldn’t do in this outfit, which has some smart prim extra’s.

Both outfits have a prim panel between the breast making them look much more natural, mine even simulates a bit of shadow beneath it.

With the Embrace you also get a nice collar and two buckles on the hips.

The cloth layer pieces come in every layer so you can wear things under or over it, very smart as there isn’t much coverage, not that that is a bad thing of-course.

So get some industrial strength sticky tape and slip into one of these sexy outfits. *smiles*

Name : Elixir
Owner : Khorus Magne


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