Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kayliwulf Kingdom - Mesh Skirts and Power Trip Ensemble

I caught Laz online the other day - a rare thing! - and we chatted a bit.

He’s been hard at work studying teh mesh like all the top designers, and making workarounds to avoid problems that the parametric deform will fix when(ever) it comes.

The result is these cool mesh skirts, which make your butt look a lot less big than the clothes layers ones do.

Not 100% tight fit yet, you understand, but that is on the way. In the meantime S, M, L, and XL versions of everything are included in the boxes.

So a good Kayliwulf shine on mesh skirts; what’s not to love?

It does require a bit of management. Alpha layer will make your butt disappear; not the good thing we all think it is ;)

The alternative is latex “glitch pants”, but you’ll need latex that is modifiable - most KK isn’t. And when you do edit it in Appearance, you’ll find the rear ends up higher than the front.

Compromises, compromises, but still an improvement. Just imagine Second Life in 20 years!

The skirts are available (new today!) in red, cranberry, yellow and blue, as well as black - see third pic.

It’s been while since our last Kayliwulf post, but it seems Laz was busy getting into mesh.

Here are his first products, a line of skirts and a first ensemble featuring the long hobble skirt.

Power Trip is a complete outfit; all you need to add is a shape and skin, of which the breasts will be the focal point. *winks*

Next to the long pencil skirt in 4 sizes, you get: the tattoo layer hood complete with goggles and ballgag, matching collar and wrist-straps, the open-breasted top, 10” latex heels, open palm gloves with prim laces and a hobble AO.

Like i said a full package, the AO is a nice add one, one small tip the shoes have their own AO don’t forget to turn that one off.

Name : Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight


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