Thursday, February 2, 2012

Harsh - Female Harness

Lelo’s Internet service provider chose this inconvenient time to do maintenance, so my sweetie is sleeping early (not a bad thing) and will return very soon. Don’t panic!

We got tipped off to Dari’s new female harness even before she had time to call us. She has loyal friends and we have loyal fans :)

This beautiful creation is mesh, and it’s just a joy to watch it move with your body when you walk.

The first cool thing you’ll find at the store are demos. Dari made six sizes : medium (which I’m wearing here), two larger and three smaller - probably for furries ;)

If you find that none of the demos give you the fit you want, Dari will custom-fit a harness for you. She charges 650L$ for the service and to cover the surprisingly high upload charges on mesh. Turnaround is about 48 hours.

Included in the box are two HUDs that let you manage the harness : an “aspect” one, for controlling in great detail the colors of the main part, straps, rings and edges, and the FLEX HUD, a new product Dari created.

This will be the controller for all upcoming [H]arsh restraints.

As Dari herself is excellent at keeping us posted on new developments, I’ll link directly to her post following the harness’s release :

She invites everyone to submit ideas for new products, and a poll will determine which she makes next - fun stuff!

Send a notecard in-world to Darien Caldwell, or leave a comment on the blog post.

Name : [H]arsh
Owner : Darien Caldwell


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