Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hugo's Design - Artemis Freebie and New Releases

We have a wagonload of new releases from Hugo to show you, and you know, that stuff goes bad on the shelf so we have to use it quick ;)

First, lelo and I are wearing the awesome Artemis freebie - if you had any doubt the hunt was worth doing, we’re here to dispel them!

New releases : First, a new line called Ursa : the suit, body and corset can be seen at Hugo’s Design’s own blog.

There’s also a Net Bikini, matching the Net Catsuit, and a fun set of freebie hearts.

Both are available in all Hugo colors, including the new blue and yellow.

The hearts may look familiar to long-time readers of this humble blog ;)

Ok, what is better than well-designed,sexy, high gloss latex? FREE well-designed, sexy, high gloss latex, of course!

Ok i’ll try and tell you what’s in the 13 little red boxes..oops should i have warned you about that little spoiler there?? *smiles*

1. an open top in all three layers with sleeves to the elbows and some lovely Hugo style belts and rings.
2. is the same as 1 but with an added bikini and center chain, again in all 3 layers..
3. is the same as 2 but with out the bikini, so 1 with a center chain and yes all 3 layers are included.
4. are elbow length gloves, with a nice belt at the elbow.
5. are the same gloves but this time fingerless.
6. will give you the stockings which have the same belt as the gloves but this time halfway up your thigh.
7. is a suspender girdle with attached panties. Both layers are included.
8. is as 7 but with out the panties, not that there were much of them in 7. *winks*
9. is also as 7 but replaces the panties with a chain, a cold metal chain..* shudders*
10. gives you the body like worn by Mistress, all 3 top layers are included but only the pants layer.
11. contains the same body with out the white flames and this time only in underpants layer.
12. is the same as like 2 but this time the middle chain is missing. Didn’t that take you back a bit. *smiles*
13. and final box has the two bodies (10 and 11) in tattoo layer.

Woohoo... that’s all there is...

Happy hunting.... ohh and if you see some nice latex while hunting don’t hesitate it’s just a few lindens away from your wardrobe.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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