Monday, February 13, 2012

Hugo's Design - Astra 2012 and Kitty Kat SE

Some hot new Hugo releases, actually a day in advance of Valentine’s day!

Of course, some might say that offering your beloved a red latex corset outfit is a gift for yourself, but I call it win-win ;)

I’m wearing the Astra Corset 2012. There’s also a mini version, but if I go corset, I like the long-line ones, personally.

Astra is pretty much intended to be worn bare-bum. There are panties included, but not on the tattoo layer versions.

If you want panties, you’ll have to wear them on the underwear layer and the corset bottom part on the pants layer. It’s the only combination I see that doesn’t result in odd-looking panties-over-corset.

(Vendor pic available here if you want a better view.)

A full (which I’m wearing here) or underbust version of the top is available in all layers. The seamed stockings match my red Bax ankle boots admirably.

Astra 2012 and Astra 2012 mini are available in all Hugo colors, not just red ;)

Ok, according to Erik the SE stands for Special Valentine’s day Edition, i think it stands for Stuffed to Explosion. *smiles*

No kidding though there are 85 items in the tiny little bag, there are 19 tattoo layers included, giving you an idea of the possibilities.

You also get a tattoo layer of only the hood in pink and white with matching ears, also pink and white of course.

Like with the hood the entire outfit comes in pink and white and you can also select the print on it you see in my picture.

The hole on the back would be where the tail should come out, the one thing missing in this massive package.

Have fun trying out all the combinations, but don’t forget your valentine tomorrow.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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