Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AtaMe - Sophia Latex Bridal Gown

Milu called us a few weeks back, and we were waiting for just the right moment to squeeze into the Sophia Latex Bridal Gowns - what better day than the feast of lovers?

We got a nice tour of the new store, and a bit of news; the old collection will slowly be phased out and completely replaced, and there are demos of most of the new items, to display the quality of the new products.

It seems the latex wedding gowns were a frequent request - we have heard friends mention they wanted them in the past, but I wouldn’t have guessed it was that popular. Live and learn, live and learn.

The dress is a classic ball gown with resizeable prim folds. The skirt part shrunk a fair bit when I fitted the folds to my skinny hips, but it looked fine on lelo.

The black gown has a lovely shine and texture - I wouldn’t have recognized the roses if I hadn’t seen the while one, but I’m slow some ways ;)

Do visit the new and improved Atame store, and if you get married in this dress, I want pictures :)

Well whats more fitting for Valentine's Day than some bridal wear, latex bridal wear that is of course.

As the base of this dress is the SL standard cloth dress, the long prim train has a hard time hiding the somewhat large bum.

The shine on the white dress, which i’m wearing (in case you can’t tell two blonds apart), is a bit dull, but the white shows off the corset lacing on the back very nicely.

The black dress has a better shine but kinda hides the lacing's, so there is your hard choice for tonight.

The flow of the long train is lovely and a bit hypnotic, so you better beware. *smiles*

So get to one knee and propose to the one you love, it’s the right time and AtaMe has the right dress.

Name : AtaMe
Owner : Milu Laval



  1. I am so happy you reviewed this Atame gown. I was in the shop a few weeks ago and acquired the black gown plus a large collection of other new latex dresses. They make wonderful evening outfits in stunning latex.

    I HAVE been asked to wear something a bit less revealing than the Intuition gown when i went dancing one evening at a jazz club :) ... they were very gracious, however.

    The entire Atame range has moved upscale recently with design, textures, and wearability all in the haute couture range.

    Thank you for reviewing Milu's work. She deserves attention from the latex evening gown wearers in SL.

    1. Can't avoid to reply and thanks to such wonderfull comment. This are the things that keep us going on and create. Thank you so much for your opinion and thanks to Deirdre and Lelo for the excelent blog they have.

      Milu Laval