Monday, February 6, 2012

Kcreations - Pony Thighboots

If you love Kat’s pony boots, I have good news for you: she made more, and the new ones are mesh and thigh-high.

I think we’re about to see a rash of ponygirls in thigh boots roaming the roads pulling carts in style in their shiny new boots.

Certainly hanging out at Mesmerize Dungeon we’ve already seen them worn by a good number of girls - not all of them ponies, either.

The boots come in two different “models”, that is patent and leather. Once you’ve made that choice, you get 28 different textures for the boot - tintable, which means lots and lots more, really - and even six textures for the soles.

Those boots are quite slender; lelo had to adjust a bit to fit properly at the top of the thighs, but she’s an unusually tall pony; long-time readers will remember we had to get her cart fitted by Alyssa Jessop way back when.

They’re hot, they look good, they’re not expensive... and they bend at the knees!!! Yeah, we’re not quite over that yet ;) Go, go. Thank me later.

Seems Kat has gotten the mesh bug and she loves it, here is a new mesh product from her.

She used her “old” ponyboots as a base but now they are all meshy and nice.. hmm somehow that doesn’t sound right. *winks*

I’m glad she waited for mesh before she made her thigh highs, this is the only way thigh high should be made from now on.

The fitting couldn’t be easier, only thing tripping me up were my pony thighs, yes they are quite muscular, but that isn’t a problem in SL, a quick adjustment and they fit just right.

Kat promises free updates when the Lindens fix the “muscle/fat” issue.

The boots are controlled with a simple, as in good, HUD in which you can change the color of the soles, boot and strap separately.

The HUD also takes care of the updates, just head for the Little Shop of Kinks and push the little U button, it’s that easy.

There is a prim at the feet that gives you the locking control of the boots, she kept this very simple, again simple is good, you can set the boots to public or private use, you can lock them and you can use your safe-word.

So get them while they are hot, these boots can match anything you wear and as they are copy you only need to make a matching version once.. happy tinkering.

Name : KCreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov


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