Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Latex Station - Andrea

We took our compass, our rations, and headed out to explore Latex Station ;)

It turned out to be a worthwhile trip, as lelo spotted Andrea, a versatile new outfit by Cindy.

It’s available in red and blue, shown here, as well as black and a transparent version which I’ll only tell you about as I’m running out of little red hearts ;)

It may look odd when you put on the stockings and find they only come up to mid-calf, but the rest is on the pants layer: a lovely garter-belt and stocking set, in black as well as the main color.

The corset, on the jacket layer, fits seamlessly over the latex body. While it is optional - the outfit looks good without it - it does add a lot of shine, and some original off-center buckles.

A cool miniskirt is included, but I wanted to show you the great garter belt, so for once it’s Deirdre who’s bare butt.. I’ll live, don’t worry ;)

It’s been a little while and Cindy has been working on some new outfits so it was high time to feature her again.

Andrea is a sexy latex outfit, showing its Latex Station DNA, clean cuts and great latex texture with good looking belts.

In the box you get a prim belt and short short prim skirt, i know these skirts are old-school but i can’t stop myself staring at the way they move when i walk around.

Next to the featured color of the outfit, red in my case, you also get a black version of the corset, garter-belt and stocking.

So have a look around Cindy’s space station, she has collected some great designers in her friends department and there are still some great bargains on her bargain table.

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills


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