Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moyet - Spiked Corset and Latex Body

To be perfectly clear, the kit I’m wearing tonight is Moyet’s Spiked Corset, along with the Spiked Collar, and Spiked Cuffs, three separate items.

If you think “Klingon Lingerie” when you see this gear, you have the same sense of humor I do. I recommend seeking help ;)

The lovely and wicked spikes on all three items look quite good (and fierce) at fairly close range, but fade a bit from a distance. Nature of the beast, and definitely not a bug.

The corset has a good pose included. By good I mean that it holds the corset solidly in place, affecting walk, stand and sit poses.

The collar has a wicked-queen look to it, but sports a set of five cute little padlocks in front (the first one is even monogrammed!). So I’d say it’s suitable for domme or sub.

The generous invisiprims around the corset are mod; take a copy before you start, and reshape and resize them at need.

Then go hug rubber dolls.. or, try ;)

Don’t worry your eyes are still working fine, just happens Mistress ended up with the spiky stuff and for a change i got the sexy clothing *yay*

I’m sure somehow i’m going to pay for that, but hé whats life without it’s little risks.

The latex body comes both underwear and normal wear layer, giving you room for jackets or lingerie.

Next to the stockings and gloves, you get the fluffy collar and cuffs in the set.

The overall design is simple and i just love that, no overdone, “only works in SL” stuff, simple is good in these basic clothes.

Just add shoes, jewelry, the normal or locking kind and you have the base of a great outfit here and the fluff makes it stand out from the crowd.

Name : Moyet
Owner : 577 Moyet
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wicked%20Dreams/15/147/2285


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