Thursday, February 23, 2012

Latex Web Inc. - Dark Faith

Introducing a spectacular new outfit by Latex Web, this is Dark Faith. Not that I mean that their other outfits aren’t spectacular, you understand.

The big cloak and big headdress may remind of you the Norse goddess, Hela - the Jack Kirby-Marvel Comics interpretation, at least. I don’t know if Hela is supposed to look like a seven foot-tall fetish model in the old tales.

Dark Faith is apparently intended for busty goddesses. No less than seven different implant applicators are included.

Neither lelo nor I knew there were so many brands : BitTits, eCorp, Icon, Lolas! (natural and push-up!), Universal and VS.

I adore the cloak.. the semi transparent plus shine look is just beautiful. Same for the mask!

The headdress is awesome, and I’m wearing it here with the Latex Web hairsticks - no such a thing as too much :)

I even dyed my hair black for this shoot, and it looks pretty awesome with the accessories.

This is a full outfit, lacking only boots. The top and bottom are available in all layers, so if you want to wear a green catsuit underneath, nobody can stop you ;)

It had been a while since we last visited Darkadia and boy did things change.

Ok the bad news first, well to some of you, the Le Fétiche club is gone.

On the upside, more room for Darkadia itself and the club took quite a bit of lag with it.

While we were having a look around and a very nice chat with some of the residents, we saw a big new sign in the Latex Web shop.

Mistress was totally taken by the Dark Faith outfit, though to me the spikes look a bit frightening, i’m a rubberdoll after all. *winks*

Name : Latex Web Inc.
Owner : Mariko Demonia



  1. Thanks for the wonderful write up. Always nice to be appreciated, especially by you two.

  2. Goodness - I was SURE you had dropped by since Le Fetiche moved! Oh, yes you did, I remember! I think, at least, you two made an appearance at the last art show. And by the way, that cape goes with everything. The catsuit is also available in white (Snow Faith) - and for petites! Or at least, I think it's available. Here's a teaser: