Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HybridZ - Atemkontrolle

As you may (and I didn’t) know, Atemkontrolle is “breath control”, and this is what this cool new mesh avatar by HybridZ is all about.

As I’m sure all you kinky kitties know better than to breathe through long tubes in RL, Second Life is the very safest place to play with breath.

The avatar, then, is a smooth pillar of latex with a discreet tube leading to a hand-held device (imaginative roleplay types will come up with a better name than “handbag”).

The hood looks like a pump-up latex one, and the whole effect is very good, if a little eerie. Oh, and the walk is great : a perfectly suited geisha shuffle.

The colors are sold separately. Lelo is modeling flesh, then black; Atem is also available in cyan, orange, pink, purple, red and white.

We hear that more mesh goodness is on its way from HybridZ; do visit the new and improved store and have a look around, it’s worth the trip.

Guess who started using Mesh? yep, you guessed right, the girls from HybridZ and they went all the way, not just a piece of clothing but a full AV.

As you might expect from a full Mesh AV there aren’t that many parts in the kit, the mesh outfit itself, a full body alpha, the RLV control, a breath particle dispenser and the AV shape.

The full body alpha is fun for next Halloween, makes for a great ghost outfit.

The RLV control prim covers the mesh head and is invisible, a very smart solution to make the mesh klickable.

The menu is kept very simple and simple is good, direct control buttons for all the usual RLV options, including of course a owners function, to give your owner access to the menu.

The included AO works great with the outfit the poses are very submissive looking and especially the walk matches the look of the outfit perfectly.

The supplied shape should make sure that no bits stick out, though the mesh also works great with my own shape.

So great step into mesh by HybridZ, i’m dying to find out what they will come up with next, seems the sky is the limit now.

But for now, get into the latest trend in full body confinement, ohh and if you want a less intimidating look there is also a doe AV in full mesh.

Name : HybridZ
Owner : Fyre Furse & Natalie Serapis


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