Friday, March 23, 2012

Darkadia Spring 2012 Fetish Art Show

It’s a bit early to mention it, but Darkadia has had such success with the previous exhibitions that they’re hosting a fourth Fetish Art Show.

I say early, because the note I got from Mandy Galileo says it should start May 6th or 20th.

However, if you want to enter, it’s the perfect time to hear about it.

Aside from fetish photography this time, 3D work is welcome. Sculptures, installations.. the word is “Let your imagination run wild”.

The word after that is “Check with us for prim availability” ;)

Art will be set up to be sold, so you can even earn L$ (fame AND fortune!).

Drop by Darkadia (cause it’s such a cool place) or call Mandy Galileo for details... if you’re not entering art in the exhibition, don’t worry, we’ll remind you about it when the show opens.

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  1. Mandy has been out of touch for a while, so I took over as artistic director. Please contact me for all show-related things, including, of course, publicity.

    We have set a date for the Spring Fetish Art Show.

    Please mark your calendars for May 12 (Preview showing)and the official opening ball - which will be an Haute Fetiche event. Dress to impress! (It's not too early to start shopping!)

    Currently confirmed exhibitors:
    DeNovo Broome, CS Ghost, Sian Pearl, Domino (Sophia Shilton), Kim Dench, Aesthetic Demon.

    I expect Mai Nijan will be exhibiting too. Well, she always does, in some sense of the word. And we have room for more, but I will cut off new registrations at the end of the month (April 30), to give us time to do a proper programme/catalogue.

    Mandy planned an ambitous event and I see no reason to rephrase: "Fetish is again the theme, but this time we want to show that the word itself covers a LOT more than just nice pics of us all in rubbery bdsm outfits! We encourage contributors to really explore the word 'fetish', the themes and imagery it provokes, and depict it in all the ways that SL offers an artist - 2D pictures, 3D sculptures, Installations, Movies, etc etc."

    Darkadia is an adult sim and we are encouraging you to take advantage of that freedom.

    M. DeNovo Broome
    Art Director, Spring Fetish Art Show, 2012, Darkadia