Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lady Anne's - Corporal Punishment and Judas Priestess

Lady Anne likes uniforms. She likes them black, and spiky, and strict.

I’m wearing the Ministry of Pleasure Corporal Punishment. Discreet, subtle, understated... those are not words you’d be using here ;)

But it’s fun. Dressing for play is all about symbols, and no time for subtlety.

22 parts in the box, with some wild tattoos included (but not worn here).

It was the first time I saw the anti-slip leash holder - it’s linked to a padded, metal reinforced cuff. Your puppy won’t run away, guaranteed.

What else? Classic thigh boots, animated crop, belt, armband with the triskell bdsm logo, and a great garrison cap... not only do you not need anything else, there’s not a room left over for wearing it.

So if your sub wants an interrogation scene, drop by Lady Anne’s and pick up this great, inexpensive outfit.

I’m wearing the Judas Priestess by Lady Anne and don’t worry we didn’t go all military on you. *winks*

This is a complete outfit for a very low price, only thing i added was my shape and skin, hair is optional as you can see.

There are 19 pieces in the box, 5 cloth layer, 1 alpha layer and 13 prim parts, everything but the kitchen sink.

The boots are far from my usual style, but they have a great leather texture and they are marching boots.

The cuff ear/nose rings with the chain are a fun touch and work well with the cap and glasses.

So when you are planning on BDSM world domination, Lady Anne has your uniforms waiting for you and your troops..

Name : Lady Anne's Latex Emporium
Owner : Anne Chaminade Royce-Harker


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