Tuesday, March 27, 2012

e.one - Sinful Latex

We got a call from Bekka Redgrave, and a nice surprise : a blogger pack of her nice new Sinful Latex outfits.

I said, this is a neat opportunity : we’ll let our readers discover a new store, and do a cool little 900-posts-related promo.

Bekka was kind enough to agree, so here’s the scoop : the Sinful Latex outfits have been reduced to 90L$ each! (Raising the price to 900L$ didn’t seem as interesting.)

So you get to visit a new store, get a nice fetish outfit for peanuts, and send all your friends there - where they’ll see our urlgiver and become faithful readers themselves! How win-win is that? ;)

Now that that’s out of the way, about the outfits themselves : any skimpier tops and you’d be looking at dental floss - but they’re shiny :)

The pants are fashionably low-waisted, and the colors are bright. Good details like hip folds and zippered pockets distinguish these from most latex.

Sinful latex comes in a lovely shopping bag that you can open while worn, taking away the problems of finding a place to rezz your new goodies.

You get two pairs of pants and a bandana.. eeh top in the bag, there also are two leg cuffs, not the locking kind in the box.

Both pair of pants have a dull shine and one pair, the version i’m wearing, is slashed for that extra sexy look.

The cuffs end up on your pants, giving them a nicer look, though you might need to “add” so you keep your shoes.

Sinful latex comes in 7 colors; blue, pink, black, green, purple, red and white.

So when you need a summer club outfit look no further and if not give the shop a look they have some great items for low, low prices.

Final small tip: give the mesh boots a look they are next to sinful latex.

Name : e.one
Owners : Bekka Redgrave & Sian Bury
The SLURL : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Unsung%20Heroes/195/61/23


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