Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fashoes - Sinfull Snake Boots (dirty version)

Fashoes introduces dirt in our nice clean digital world. But don’t worry, it’s a good thing ;)

The full name of those boots is 107D Sinfull Snake Fashoes (dirty version). They look good, but they get dirty as you walk.

Onoes! ;) You guessed it, there’s a fun built-in boot licking animation to take care of things. Click your right boot (that’s where the menu is) and invite your victim.

The boot is sadly the old style two-part thigh boot that looks funny when you sit, no way around it... except mesh. Hint hint ;)

The boots have a gorgeous black python texture, reprised in the cool chrome snakes here and there, including a nearly microscopic one right on the heels.

The twisted ankle chain is the best example I’ve seen in SL. Cool bangles include padlock and key, heart and snake. Good symbolism :)

Fashoes is Jareth’s new store. New name, same excellent work. Do give her a visit.

Jareth called us with some great news on some new roleplay enabled boots, i wonder why she thought of us with these boots. *winks*

Roleplay enabled i hear you asking? Yep, she figured out what’s been missing from boots in SL.

Dirt, plain old dirt, what good is a boot cleaning animation if all the boots in SL are squeaky clean.

These boots get dirty with wear and well you guessed it must get cleaned regularly.

So all you boot lickers out there get your significant others these lovely boots and you can be on your knees till your tongue bleeds.

Name : FJ Design
Owner : Jareth McMahon


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