Monday, March 5, 2012

Evelock - Pride Collars

A new release by Eve is a joyous thing; I always look forward to the lovely new designs.

This time is no exception, with the lovely natural stones of the Pride collars. Pictured in order : Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Garnet and Labradorite. (The closeup is Labradorite.)

These are posture collars; the points are meant to keep a girl’s chin proudly up.

While we usually like to feature items being worn, I felt the filigree was so lovely we had to show an extreme closeup of it.

Like the first of Eve’s collars we showed you, the Pride has Celtic genes : the torc design, here represented by the largest stone, and reinforced by the lovely knot filigree.

So get them all, and mail checks to Eve so continues designing ;) I half kid.. but do support designers and SL artists :)

Just in case you have fallen out of love with the good old leather or steel collars, here’s a nice new option from Evelock.

Eve once again shows that her true love lies in making lovely jewelery, these collars are a thing of beauty.

The center of each collar is a precious stone, it’s surrounded by a lovely Celtic inspired heart, the rest of the collar is also made of the chosen stone.

There are 12 stones to choose from each with it’s own special meaning, just follow this link to Eve’s blog to check them all out.

As you might expect the collar still contains the good old Dari’s haus script, why break up a winning team.

So why not get your special girl a nice piece of jewelry with a special meaning.. ohh and yes they do lock on tightly. *winks*

Name : Evelock
Owner : Eve Terr


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