Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BarePeds - Ankle boots

Sometimes we hear from a designer, sometimes we go looking to make sure they haven’t been dragged off by gypsies.

I was pleased to see the nice variety of ankle boots at BarePeds, but I was a little surprised when Qeux backed up the shoe truck and buried us under all the models :)

In fact, he came by and we had a very cool and unexpected chat.

Seems that BarePeds was put on a slight pause as Qeux is developing products at his other store, Lovers Playground Petite.

What products? Accessories for “petites”, the latest thing in avatars. Tiny, well-formed mesh avatars. Here’s Qeux wearing one - note the tiny CFM boots :)

The BarePed ankle boots, then : I’m wearing the belted version in the first pic, and they look pretty darn awesome.

An excellent shape, a few great prim details (like the little heart at the rear you nearly need a microscope to see.. there’s a lot to love here.

If your ankle boot collection needs a little variety, why not stop by BarePeds and stock up? Bring a large bag ;)

We were looking through our list of designers we hadn’t covered in a while and BarePeds caught our eye, so we had a look and we weren’t disappointed.

We showed you his knee high boots the last time so now it’s time for the ankle high boots.

There are 6 versions to choose from: belted, laced, collar, collar tall, cuffed and lace buckled.

All boots come in three sizes small, medium and large and don’t have a resizing script, for both of us the medium was a good fit.

The magic of alpha socks working hard, but for you still clinging on to the V1 viewer there are also invisiprims included.

Nice choice of good looking boot on the edge of fashion/fetish, hope he’ll get back to making big stuff soon. *smiles*

Name : Bare Peds
Owner : Qeux Serge
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lovers%20PlayGround%20SexBed/34/27/23


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