Monday, March 12, 2012

Hugo’s Design - Leva and Kela

Two lovely outfits from Hugo this week - recent enough if not exactly hot off the press: Leva (moi, in hot pink) and Kela (lelo in purple).

I’m afraid I’m getting addicted to the tattoo layer; one click and you have a full outfit, just add gloves and stockings (and your favorite footwear). Convenient!

Leva is one of those latex-doesn’t-do-that-in-RL outfits, but it’s our good luck :) The nice combination of sheer catsuit (with huge cutouts) and harness looks good.

The gloves and stockings are the same pink as the harness, and wearing them or not gives quite a different look to the outfit (see our second pic for the without).

There’s an open version (not shown) which does away with the bikini, leaving only harness and catsuit.

Note that the closed version is not that closed - I’ll start selling little prim censorship hearts outside Hugo’s one of these days ;)

Ok, it’s official, Erik is a workaholic and there is no stopping him, really there isn’t he’ll just keep on going and making us more and more sexy latex.

On a personal note, yes, that’s Mistress in pink, don’t worry all is well, i checked, no fever so all is good. *winks*

Kela comes, as usual, in all layers and gives you the option of an open, nope sorry, and a closed version.

You also can choose if you want to wear the outfit with or with-out garters, and these garters look big enough to hold up 2cm thick rubber stockings.

Better get over to Hugo’s quickly, these have been around for the better part of a week and the next new thing should be right around the corner.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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